Is It Just Me?

I want to love Covergirl LashBlast Mascara.

Drew Barrymore praises it in television ads. Fashion magazine editors adore it. So do a lot of fellow beauty bloggers.

I don’t.

But you can’t dislike a product the world loves, can you?

Maybe I got a bad tube. Of course, that had to be it, I thought. So I picked up another one at a different store.

Still don’t like it.

Covergirl says: LashBlast mascara’s brush has 50-percent more bristles than the leading mascara. Every lash gets singled out and coaxed up, out and away.

My experience: While the brush is indeed dense with bristles, they’re too short to grip and separate my lashes. It went on thick and gloppy, leaving me looking more like Tammy Faye Baker than Drew Barrymore.

Anybody else ever give thumbs down on a product everyone else raves about?


  1. i didn't love this mascara until i tried a different wand. i love dior show mascara (silver and blue tube) while others aren't hot on it ;)

  2. Yes yes PBW I have a whole section on my blog called the skip it I do understand that what works for some won't work for everyone but there are just some products that are just so bad I couldn't imagine who would like it, yet some love it. For example, the Ted Gibson Hair sheets. DISASTER. I still wake up in a cold sweat when I think about what those sheets did to my hair. However Ted Gibson is considered an industry leader and people love his products. Thanks for this post I will not be making this purchase. I second Yummy's comment with the Dior mascara, I use Diorshow Unlimited mascara really nice product.
    Oh I added your link on my blog roll, I am often neglectful of my blog roll section then I realized today hey where is
    Product JUnkie Diva

  3. i agree with PJD that everything doesnt work for everybody! it's ok if you dont go along with the crowd. no one's feelings should be hurt...

  4. I haven't tried it yet, but I agree with the others...I guess everything doesn't work for everybody. I know that my sister doesn't like Carol's Daughter products at all and everyone else seems to love them - I know I do! :-)

    Good post.

  5. haven't tried this one....but i'm with BGG's sister on this. i don't dislike carol's daughter...but i haven't found anything of theirs that makes me want to buy it. just not feeling it enough to invest :-(

  6. I dislike popular items all the time, I just have to make sure I'm not knee-jerk disliking them BECAUSE they are popular. It bugs me when people do that! Obviously you are not. Sounds like the product was unfortunate, but I admire your fortitude in buying it TWICE.

    As for mascara, I've used Loreal Voluminous for an embarrassing number of years. Not the same TUBE of it, just the same type :)

  7. I'm not diggin' this mascara either. It definitely went on too thick for me as well. Not to mention that holding it is sooo hard because the wand is so chunky. Boooo.

  8. I agree, it flaked off into my eyes, smeared on the bottom, and was too gloopy to go on smoothly.

  9. i actually love this mascara. It elongates my lashes to lengths that only my Lancome Defincils could do-at more than half the price.

  10. Thanks for being so honest. This has happend for me with many products. Mostly hair and I toss and forget them.

  11. Hi Phil, stick with the cover girl in the pink and green never let's you down...I gotta go, top model finale is coming on....

  12. I rarely try a new mascara because I'm so stuck on my favs: Great Lash (who doesn't love this one?) or Diorshow - although I've decided lately just to stick with Great Lash. $5 or $27? With the cost of gas, it's not hard to choose.

  13. Hi Phyllis. Check out the subject of my meme today!

  14. Thanks for all of the suggestions. For now, I'm sticking with Maybelline's Great Lash. I like the clear version, which gives my lashes a bit of oomph without smudging and aggravating the dark circles under my eyes.

    PJD, I almost bought some of those Ted Gibson Hair Sheets, but $35 hair sheets seem like kinda of a waste when I have about 2 inches of hair right now.

    BBG and PCD, I haven't found anything I like in the Carol's Daughter line either.

    Writer & Cat, your dislike of popular stuff is one of the things that makes you so cool.

    Kwana, thanks for picking up my book!!!!

  15. You're not the only one that thinks that mascara sucks, I do too!!! I tried it because it got such RAVE reviews and also the orange packaging was pretty (never judge a book by its cover). This mascara smears very bad. My favorite mascara is Rimmel Extra Super Lash it cost around 2.99 or cheaper, and it totally works wonders!!! And as for the Carols Daughter, I really want to try the hair products but luckily I went to Sephora first and most of that stuff stinks!!! The only one I found with a pleasant enough smell was the Tui oil.

    Happy I came upon your blog, I'll have to check out your books as well. Take Care!!!

  16. I am not a big fan of Lash Blast either. I dont understand what all the hype is about....the brush pokes my eye endlessly :(

    It did not lengthen at all...and hardly any volume. The only good thing is, it did not flake much...
    I always use it with 1 or 2 other mascaras..just get decent lashes...