My First Tag!

I was tagged today by n_vizion at Relaxed Hair Health. It’s my first tag, so I’m buzzed!

Ah, now for six quirky things about me. I’m so weird, where do I start…

1. I don’t like pie, jelly, jam or syrup. All are too sweet and slimy. So yep, I take my pancakes and waffles dry.

2. I can’t sleep unless the television is on. If the husband turns it off, I’ll wake up out of a dead sleep and say, “Hey! I was watching that!”

3. When driving, I obsessively follow all rules of the road. If the speed limit is 15-mph on a wide open highway, I’m going 15-mph. So when I see a cop with his radar gun out or pulling someone over, I smile, wave and say: “Do you duty officer.”

4. I can drink black coffee or espresso at midnight and sleep like a baby.

5. I buy cheese puffs from Whole Foods and lie to myself that they’re healthy.

6. My sister says I dress like Barbara Bush.


  1. LOL I love all 6 you are too funny PBW.
    Thanks for sharing
    Product Junkie Diva

  2. PBW, thanks for the advice...I went to Target today...good times...and now I know who that is doing 15 mph on the highway holding up
    I'll honk at you next time I see ya...

  3. I'm cracking up. I too can drink coffee at midnight and go right to sleep. The road rules and dry waffles were great! I did this tag too. It was fun.

  4. I'm with you on the pie, jelly, jam and syrup!! Too sweet and gooey!

    I'm just the opposite with the TV - it must be dead silence in order for me to go to sleep. I don't even have a TV in my bedroom!!

    LOL@ Barbara Bush, really??? LOL!!!

  5. Ohmigoodnesssss, I kill those cheese puffs from Whole Foods. LOL, you can eat them in one sitting and think it's okay because it's organic. Loves it!

  6. You ALWAYS crack me up. And oh shit, I did NOT steal your brown lipstick.

  7. Today, I'm heading over to the Botanical Gardens with a girlfriend to purchase more flowers for the terrace...When I'm done there will probably be no room for the chairs out there...I'll have you over when it's all pretty...thanks for stopping by.

  8. Thanks for all the replies, glad to know I'm not the only quirky one out there!

    Saw some cops out with the radar gun today. I thought about ya'll as I waved hello to them.

    Soul Pretty, I hope you take photos of your terrace. I know it's looking awesome.

    BBG, I don't think I dress like Barbara Bush, but she does dress nice, doesn't she? LOL! Just kidding!

    Chelle, I didn't tell 'em THAT quirk!

  9. LMAO at the TV being on. I'm exactly the same way. I have to watch TV before going to bed and if i wake up in the middle of the night and its off, I'll have a fight with my boyfriend the next morning. too funny!