Don’t Just Watch the Athletes – Be One!

Wheaties may be the breakfast of Olympic champions, but when I’m banging out a story on deadline it’s Hershey bars dipped in Diet Coke and pizza delivery that keep the words flowing.

It’s a diet my fickle muse thrives on. My expanding ass doesn’t.

So if I want to fit into any of the cute fall clothes hitting the stores, it’s time for me to stop making excuses and start making tracks. Since I love gadgets almost as much as I adore beauty products, here are a few things I’m using to motivate myself back into a regular walking routine.

LOW TECH: Accusplit AE120XL Pedometer – I’ve had a few pedometers, but this lean, mean step-counting machine is my favorite.

It’s small, accurate and clips comfortably onto my waistband. Counting your steps is addictive, and this baby will have you looking for ways to get more in. I shoot for 12,500 steps a day. I got mine at for $13.88.

MEDIUM TECH: Polar F4 Heart Rate Monitor – Initially, I thought heart rate monitors weren’t worth the hassle.

Boy was I wrong!First, input your info (age, sex, height, weight) into the watch, then strap on the accompanying chest strap. During your workout you’ll be able to continuously monitor not only your heart rate, but how many calories you’re burning. Your workout history is stored for seven days. Again, this motivates me to work out a bit longer just to hike up the calorie burn. I’ve seen these at Target, but I ordered mine from for about $80.

HIGH TECH: Nike + iPod Sport Kit and Nike Sports band - This is new gadget for me.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Nike sneakers after seeing a photo of them on Brown Girl Gumbo's blog (I swear, BGG’s gonna put me in the poor house!).

Anyhoo, when the shoes arrived I saw they were Nike+ ready. I already had the required iPod Nano, so I picked a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit for $29 and a Nike Sport Arm band for an additional $29 at the Apple Store. (*NOTE: This is a nano gadget only. It won’t work with your regular iPod or iPhone).

The kit includes a wireless sensor that goes into built-in pocket inside Nike+ ready shoes and a transmitter that pops into the end of your nano.

Follow some simple instructions on your nano before a workout, and you’re off. This gadget provides instant details on your walk or run like time, distance, pace, and calories burned than can be downloaded to your computer. Yep, it works with your playlists! There's even a very polite built-in voice that will give you a verbal summary of your walk or run at the touch of a button.

Keep in mind, I don’t use all three of these things at the same time. Nor are they necessities. However, they might just motivate you into gold medal shape!

P.S. Thanks for all the good wishes and support during my deadline crunch. I wish I could take you all out for new lipglosses!


  1. you are on-point with this one. it's about that time for me to gear up for my fall fitness challenge.

  2. THanks for the link!!! I really need to get in shape. Especially in time for my favorite season - fall!! Fall clothes are the best, aren't they? :-)

  3. What a great post, I was watching the olympics this weekend and it motivated me even more to stick with my routine.
    Great blog btw!

  4. I have this and I love's great...Nike is the best.

  5. I just bought some new Nike walking shoes with that gadget link up. But, alas, I don't own a Nano. Don't tell, but I just traded in my hip-clipped cassette player last year for an MP3. It'll be awhile before I go IPod. Lol

  6. Thank you for that jumpstart. I love the Olympics and always want to get out there and get start on doing some fitness and strength training. I was watching the gymnatist on how strong and flexible they are. I was doing crunches on the floor while watching. Next up....TRACK!

  7. That little thing sounds so cool.

  8. wow those are some nifty gadgets...i need to get on it too girl, b/c with all my makeup gigs i've been slacking on the diet and my pants are getting a lil too snug!

  9. Ohhh cooool, Auntie PBW!! I need to get up on one of these gadgets. Especially since I'm having the hardest time loosing more than 10 of my 30 lbs. *sigh* Maybe one of these toys will motivate meee.

  10. Love the post! And I second the Nike + iPod Sport Kit!!! I love it and I just hit 100 miles w/ it on BTW- track & field is my fav Olympic sport. What's yours?

  11. Yay glad you are back to blogging.
    I have gotten back on the workout wagon so this post is very helpful. I LOVE pizza but I have not had it in a few days and I think I am going into pizza
    Enjoy your workouts.

  12. I need to get on my exercise grind for real! I'm not committed enough to purchase gadgets yet though. If I had a dollar for all the exercise stuff collecting dust... LOL. I would be a rich woman.


  13. Lol @ the expanding a$$ comment! I so know what you mean. It's funny how food looks so good on the plate and then looks a hot mess on the hips!

  14. This exercise thing hard, ain't it?

    Even with the gadgets, I still had to bring a pair of skinny jeans to the front of my closet for inspiration.

    BGG - I love when the fall stuff hits the stores.

    Stefanie - once you try an iPod, you'll be hooked!

    PJD - Pizza is my crack! I could eat it every meal, everyday.

    Gwyneth - This post was purposely about gadgets, not my dusty elliptical!