You Can Bury Me In Target’s Parking Lot

We all gotta go sometime. When I do, just jackhammer a hole in Target’s parking lot and stick me in it.

Nope, I won’t mind shoppers rolling over my grave in search of their own red bull’s-eyed bliss.

So here’s what I’m planning to toss in my cart on my next Target run:

Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Roller- $18.99

Merona® Women's Wool Peacoat Jacket – Teal - $40.00

Merona® Collection Petites Printed Cardigan – $29.99

Women's Mossimo® Valda Ruffle Flats – Cranberry - $24.99

Sizzling Seduction by Gwyneth Bolton - $5.99

Now if my $$$ gets short, the shoes will probably go first. Hmmm...then maybe the eyeroller. But the clothes and Gwyneth's book are definitely headed for the cash register!

Is a Target run on your schedule? If so, what’s in your big red buggy?


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  2. I have those shoes--really pretty color--like slippers a bit!