Black Friday Haul Check-In

I was well on my way to resisting the allure of Black Friday.

My car stayed parked in the garage all day. I didn’t even go to the grocery store to restock my dwindling supply of Diet Coke or those Late July Mini Cheese Crackers I can’t stop eating.

Success was oh-so-close.

Then around 11ish Friday night, I fired up the laptop for a quickie peek at Twitter. From there I ended up gawking at the two tops that have been in my J. Crew shopping cart for over a month now.

Both are in brown skin flattering colors and wearable year-round. I can go sleeveless or don a cardigan on cool days. At 20 percent off (yeah, I know it's not the deepest discount, but I'm been holding out for weeks) and free shipping, I couldn’t hold back my itchy submit order finger.

J. Crew’s Annalise Ruffle Cami in cinnamon spice and spicy olive.

That’s it for me. The rest of my shopping will be for restaurant gift cards, which my loved ones prefer to stuff.

Sooooo, check in and tell me all about your Black Friday haul?


  1. i didnt buy anything. it's easy when your bank account is low and u have no forseeable source of income. i think you did well. i need to get up and get out to fill up my gas tank and pick up some ink for my printer and thats it.

  2. Like you , I did not leave my home, not once! However starting from midnight I was online shopping my heart out. I hit up hairveda, darcys botanicals, Newport news, Rosalyn scents, she scent it, Christine grant, oyin handmade, etc. Mainly hair stuff :-) I may hit up obsessive compulsive cosmetics today for more lip tars.
    Now I'm gearing up for cyber Monday - who's with me???

  3. I've been trying to do my Christmas shopping on Amazon, so far I have bought three books for me and one small book for a friend. How come that always happens?

  4. I'm not a rare soul. I was out there with a thousand others. And we survived LOL!

    Love your JCrew pics! And go ahead and splurge once in a while; we're worth it ;)

  5. Lovely tops, beautiful colors! What's the fabric?

    I've been itching to click on something sort of similar in my Eddie Bauer cart. It's cotton/silk and I'm so in love.

    Christine ruffle tank from Eddie Bauer

  6. @PJD - What did you get from Newport News????

    @antithesis - Good for you for sticking with necessities. Jessie Jackson was right when he said, there's a sale on every weekend.

    @that's not my age - Thanks for popping by. I always go overboard on Amazon. I really need to block their page.

    @Sher - I'm off to check your blog to see what you bought!!!!

    @Liane - Even without the link I knew EXACTLY tops you were talking about. Sweet Tea in Seatlle blogged about 'em:

  7. PB I got a simple one shoulder black dress from Newport news. I hope it doesn't look like crap in

  8. I did it. I clicked. Sometimes ya just gotta follow your heart. :-) I'll call it my Christmas gift to myself. (Yet another one.)

    I'm done clicking for 2009.

  9. The Annalise in the Cinnamon Spice is a drop dead gorgeous top! I want it too! Post some IRL's!!!