I’m in Hightower Heaven!

Ya’ll already know I can be a big weirdo.

It’s no secret that I don’t like pie, can’t eat chicken unless it’s been McNugget-sized and sleep with the television blaring. Oh yeah, and my sister says I dress like Barbara Bush.

The weirdness doesn’t stop there. I also cannot read a romance novel that’s part of a series until I have EVERY BOOK IN THE SERIES in my possession. Then I read ‘em back-to-back. No cooking dinner. No phone calls. No damn interruptions!

Right now, I’m smack-dab in the middle of Gwyneth Bolton’s Hightower Honors four-book series. The books feature the oh-so-hot and heroic Hightower brothers. I’ve already read Protect and Serve and Make it Hot.

Now I’m taking a short break for a Starbucks run and to let ya’ll know how FABULOUS both books were before I dive into the second two, The Law of Desire and Sizzling Seduction on my Kindle.

Gwyneth’s books are chockfull of romance and passion. She’s also the master of taking readers on an emotional rollercoaster. I swear I loathed one of her subplot characters in Protect and Serve for half the book, only to burst into happy tears when the same character got a Cinderella-worthy ending.

And her heroes? Sigh.

I just want to jump between the pages of her books and gobble these Hightower brothers up!

In fact, these men have put me in such a good mood. I picked up a $20 gift card at Starbucks!

Wanna win it?

Here’s how:

1) Leave a comment telling me what YOU think makes a man hero material. (If you’re a guy, tell me what makes YOU a hero.)
2) Winner (name pulled from a hat) will be announced on or before Wed., December 9, 2009.
3) Drawing is void where prohibited.

Well, break’s over. It’s time for another Hightower man!


  1. I just finished reading a bunch of romance series and thought I was done until I read your post! LOL! I read Rochelle Alers' The Best Men series and those men are my type of heroes. Grew up together, take care of their families and each other. Made a pact to keep each other on task. And they will do anything for the women they love!

  2. I think a few things make a man a hero in my book. One is that they place family above all else. When a man is completely devoted to his family it is the most beautiful thing in the world. Also, I really think men who cherish their mothers are true heroes.

  3. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Hightowers, Phyllis!

    I have to commend you on being able to wait for an entire series to be published before you read it. I don't have that kind of patience at all! LOL. I'll read the books as they come out and then impatiently wait for the next release, buy it and gobble it right up before I'm waiting impatiently again. LOL.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Lawrence and Patrick... Lawrence is my favorite... ;-) Thanks for the support, sis! I really appreciate it.

  4. Love this blog!
    I agree with Kristi and also the men must be passionate and confident and not at all afraid to take charge in their lives and relationships. Besides, who else could deal with those feisty heroines? LOL:)

  5. Me and my niece love all of Gwyneth Bolton's books.

    A hero is a man who has integrity, shows compassion to others around him and it doesn't hurt if he's hot looking. LOL

    Hattie at sgpublicist at aol dot com

  6. 1st...How did you even wait?

    2nd....A man who has a strong family bond, honesty, compassionate.

  7. I love the Hightower men! Gwyneth is amazing.

    A hero is a man who is smart without being arrogant, and confident without being cocky. Most importantly, though, he stands his ground, defends what is good and right, even when it would be easier and safer to give in.

    Sexy legs and nice smile don't hurt either. :)

  8. This is totally off topic- but I just ordered "A Moment on the Lips"! Can't wait to read it. :)

  9. A hero is someone who stands fast to his beliefs, and does not sway to pressure from those around him.

    Thanks to gigi for sending me this way, too!

  10. I'm a 'void where prohibited' respondent, but here's my two cents anyway: where hotness collides with honesty, there you'll find my hero lurking! (Great eyes don't hurt one bit either.)

  11. I love a man who cherishes his lady. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. ha! @ Then I read ‘em back-to-back. No cooking dinner. No phone calls. No damn interruptions! I am pretty much the same way when it comes to good reads. I am almost compelled to finish the book in one read.

    Gwyneth Bolton, I've heard is an excellent writer. Her passion for writing is what I believes drives her. I have only heard great things about her.

    What make a hero: Hmm. I think someone who is willing to sacrifice their well being for the decency of another is what makes a hero. Someone who inspires many others in his wake.

    I could be wrong, though. LOL.

    You don't really dress like Barbara Bush, do you? I doubt it.

  13. Hi! I stumbled across your blog today from a post you made on another. I am g.l.a.d I found you! Can't wait to settle in and read what you have to say.

    Now, to answer your question what makes a man a hero...huuummm lots of things. But a guy friend did something for my BFF yesterday that definitely makes him "Hero" material to me. He asked me for suggestions for her Christmas present. With her roommate having moved out recently, I told him she needed help with her bills this month. Yesterday she told me he gave her a lovely card with MORE than enough cash to cover her monthy expensives! He also told her that this WHAT NOT a Christmas present, but something he wanted to do to HELP her! And if she EVER needed ANYTHING to always let him know! H.E.R.O.

  14. Thanks so much for entering the contest y'all. I loved all of your comments!

    @Toni - YIKES How did I miss her The Best Men series!?!? The last one I read was the sisters who all got married. I need to get on it. Thanks!

    @Kristi - I believe wholeheartedly in watching how a man treats his mother. If he doesn't treat her right, odds are he won't treat you right either.

    @Gwyneth Bolton - I started these books with a bias. I was never going to love any hero like I grew to love Carlton from If Only You Knew. LOL! That hero took me through some changes!

    However, I believe he's been unseated. Still reading, so I can't say by who yet. However, I have an idea!

    @Toshika - Thank you! There is something about a man who isn't afraid to take charge of his own life that's downright sexy isn't it?

    @Hattie - Shows compassion others. That's a good one! I love when a hero stops to by a homeless person dinner. Or goes out of his way to help someone.

    @Ladysilver - I put series books on a separate shelf so I know they're off limits until I get all of 'em. LOL! I've been reading series this way since 1989 so it's habit now!

    @Conseula - I love this! I agree. I also love a hero who stands up and does what's right when it would have been easier to walk away.

    @MishoStyle - Thanks! Your tips about Kerastase were right on. My new stylist uses their products exclusively.

    @Suzy Q - I'm hooked on Gigi's blog! Yep, a guy who doesn't cave to pressure is very heroic!

    @Liane Spicer - Honesty is super high up there for me too. I love eyes, but it's the forearms that get me every time!

    @Anne - There's just something about feeling cherished, isn't it???? This was a lot of fun, so I hope to have another contest soon.

    @Don - Hey! You know, I added the part about 'if you're a guy...' just in case you stopped by!

    I think you'll find Gwyneth writes a very realistic man.

    Ohhh, someone who inspires others in his wake. That's good! Good! Good!

    Barbara Bush? I think my sister's exaggerating a bit. I'm working on it.

    @1 X 1000 - Your BFF's guy is AMAZING. How sweet! I'm so glad you like the blog. My old one is still up and has plenty of beauty reviews. It's at www.fortyisthenew20.com.

    Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to enter! I appreciate you!