This Is What 47 Looks Like

The above photo was hurriedly snapped earlier this week on my birthday. As you can see by the big red bull's eye in the background, I was itching to get inside my home-away-from-home and then on to my favorite sushi place.

Yep, this is what 47 looks like....

But not for long.

I began Bootcamp workout classes this week. I'm not positive if I'm the oldest (probably), but I'm definitely the slowest and the most out-of-shape. I ache in places I forget existed. And after this morning's 6:30 run/walk/sprints in 19-degree temps, I don't ever want to see a potato chip again.

Well, I'll keep y'all posted. Right now, I just want curl up with a bunch of fashion magazines and romance novels.


  1. so basically, 47 looks fierce?! i can get w/ that. proud of you doin your bootcamp thing!

  2. Happy Birthday! You look fabulous. yum ... sushi!

  3. 47 looks wonderful. I need to follow your lead and start my workouts again!

  4. Happy birthday!! You look so fab. Now you are giving me something to strive for.

  5. no, that's what 30something looks like. you look great! happy belated.

    pretty cold temp to exercise. my lord.

    also, i don't have tweetdeck on my laptop so i missed your comment about fantasy football. i only play fantasy basketball. but if it's any condolences i would have selected reggie bush as well. ha.

    #whodat #whodat #whodat

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  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Forty Seven looks Fabulous!! And guess what? So does Forty Plus Fourteen!!! OKAY!

    I'll join you after the 1st of the year on the "getting in shape" thing. Right now, it's Christmas, and I'm gonna eat a sugar cookie or two or three.....! LOL!

  8. i clicked onto to the site concerning the above interview @ChickLitGurrrl but the word verification box doesn't allow the reader to type in the word verification.

    *this is what i said:

    Don said...
    thanks for giving readers the opportunity to get a taste of Phyllis Bourne's seasoned and impressive writing. it didn't take long for me to get all into the excerpt - i imagine the entire novel captures and holds the reader, as well.

    it appears Devon has his work cut out for him, trying to get he and his wife's marriage back on track, especially considering the fact that she is dealing/not dealing with so much grief. coupled with Bourne's above par writing skills, it sounds like quite the read.

    that Dorchester editor must have been mighty impressed with your work, Phyllis. i can see why.

    great interview!

  9. Great interview, Phyllis! I tried to leave a comment over at ChicklitGurrl but there's something the matter with the form and it won't let me.

    What I wanted to say was that I think my blog has been my best promotional tool as well. I set it up a year ahead of publication and was able to form relationships in a non-pressured setting. Couldn't do a power-sell if I tried, so it was just as well...

  10. Oh, and happy belated birthday! 47 looks great on you!

  11. You look fantastic at every age. And Target is definitely your place. Now you've even got ME going there.

  12. YIKES!!!! I forgot to thank y'all for the wonderful greetings.

    All of my family's b-days and anniversaries are crammed into December, so it's a crazy month.

    Again, thank you all!!!!!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday, Phyllis! And that is what 30 looks like, too.