A Cure for the January Blues

I don’t know about y’all, but up until a day ago I was experiencing some serious holiday withdrawal. I missed lavishly decorated Christmas trees and the twinkle of holiday lights. And I especially missed the decadent gold boxes of Godiva chocolates the hubs kept coming for my December birthday, wedding anniversary and Christmas.

January just seemed so cold and bland.

Fortunately, the solution to my post-holiday blahs was inside my local Sephora.

I crossed the threshold, and it didn’t take long for the bounce to return to my dragging footsteps. Mascara. Lipstick. Blush. Perfume. Honestly, who can be sad around all of those goodies!?!?

With my budget still feeling the strain of holiday splurges, I had to find a single item (yep, just one) that would keep me smiling beyond Sephora’s magical doors.

My choice? Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect lipgloss. I opted for Lurex Plum, which comes off as a soft, shimmery mauve on my lips.

Note I said shimmer, not sparkle. Being fortysomething, I’m wary of lipsticks and glosses with chunks of glitter that settle into the fine lines of aging lips and look awful as the color wears off.

Great shine. Good color payoff.

This impulse purchase has made its way to the front of my lip gloss rotation and just might overtake my precious Bobbi Brown Ruby Shimmer as my YLBB favorite!


  1. A trip to Sephora is always guaranteed to perk me up - and can I say that I think you are looking mighty fab at forty-seven (missed that post over Christmas). A belated happy new year to you!

  2. It's always nice to get a pick me up.

  3. If it wasn't for the NFL playoffs I imagine my January and its post holiday blues, would mirror yours.

    Geaux Saints!!


  4. Godiva chocs. Drool. Had a box once many moons ago. Used to buy their chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream but can't get it here at home - fortunately!

    I was trawling the Sephora site for peach lipsticks minutes before I came on here. Great minds! I used to flog a great one from Estee Lauder years ago but they stopped making it. Ever since I've been on the hunt for the perfect peach with no luck. :(

    Last night I broke my promise to myself to not order ANYTHING this month. Nars nail polish in 'orgasm', and Rimmel's 'cafe au lait' are on their way south right now. :)

  5. I usually can't wait until the holidays are over! But I know how you feel about that let down feeling. After my wedding, and all the planning we'd done all year it felt weird to not have anything to plan for anymore.

    My sister loves Sephora and she's is trying to make me convert too. (Weave, peanut M&M's, Barnes & Noble--I have enough addictions.)
    We mostly just play around with the perfume, but I have been venturing to the make-up.

    I love lip glosses, but hate the sticky ones. Is this one sticky?

  6. @ That's Not My Age - Thanks! You pick up anything good at Sephora lately?

    @Kwana - Lipsticks and glosses always make me feel better.

    @Liane - I have nearly given up on finding the perfect peach. I think it needs to have a touch of bronze to work on our similar complexions. We need to compare notes.

    @Katrina - You're right to stay away from Sephora. Wish I could. I had sew-in weave once and was back at the salon four days later begging her to take it out. It was so tight it gave me a headache.

    Hmmm... this one isn't too sticky. I think Chanel's glossimiers are the stickiest ever.

    @Don - My teams are out - Jaguars and Titans. So I'm rooting for old man Farve (cause I'm old).

  7. yeah, nothing really exciting going on in January (besides the !st) but i do like the fact that it's quiet...nice settling down from the holidays.

    you look fab miss forty something! enjoy your new lip gloss:)