Target Run

Ahhhh, lucky me.

The other day I was in Target just as they were putting new spring purses on display. Hot pinks! Baby blues! Lime greens!

Each one about $25!

I’ll tell ya. I was in cheap pocketbook heaven. I grabbed one of those big red buggies and filled my cart to the brim.

Then I rolled my buggy over to the snack section for some PopChips and ran into Mr. Phyllis. Not a problem because I don’t mess with him when ESPN is on, and he doesn’t mess with me in Target.

He looked into my cart and his eyes narrowed. Not in a mean way, but in an I’m trying to remember way. He picks up the hot pink, patent leather, faux crocodile bag and says, “Don’t you have an expensive hot pink purse?”

I try playing dumb, but I can see the wheels of his brain turning. His eyes light up, and I know he’s recalled the Lilly Pulitzer bag with the price tags on it. “You’ve had it for two years. When are you going to start using it?”

So I put the pink bag back.

Then he picks up the green one. “Don’t you already have a bright green purse?” Yeah, I do and it looks like the one in my cart.

So I put back the green one.

I see him eyeing the blue and the orange bags, and I just toss them back on the display. Yeah, I have a blue Coach bag. Sigh. And an orange one.

Already, I’m thinking about my next Target trip – SOLO!

Believe it or not, I did make it out of there with a new purse. I bought a sleek black tote that I love so much, I snipped off the tags and started using it immediately. It’s large enough to hold my junk, but doesn’t overwhelm my petite (as in short, not thin) frame.

Merona Tote - Black

I can even fit my netbook inside, so no more having to wrestle with two bags to write in Starbucks.

I paid $19.99 for this tote at Target, but this week it’s on sale for $17.99.


  1. Very cute! LOL at least you made it out of there with one

  2. My husband knows not to come with me when I'm shopping. Husbands kill the shopping bug completely. You can't be logical when you shop! Where's the fun in that?
    By the way, you have a netbook and a laptop? I've been dying to get a netbook, but my husband says I don't need one. (There goes that logic thinking again.) Of course I don't need one, I WANT one!

  3. i got my fav spring/summer bag from target last year for $12 on clearance down from i think $30. it's huge and turquoise! i love getting my oversized/fashion bags for the low. im a sucker for coach factory outlet though b/c they have markdowns plus email coupons PLUS give coupons when you walk in the door.

  4. Cute bag! I sure would have love to have seen the pink and green bags. No thanks to hubby. LOL I am going to have to check it out myself.

    Great find!!

  5. Thanks to Mr Phyllis - you'll have more money to spend next time you visit Target (alone!)

  6. Thanks ladies! I do love this tote!

    Honestly, Mr. Phyllis doesn't really care what or how much I buy. What bugs him is I tend to stuff new things in my closet and don't use them.

    @Katrina - I don't have a desktop, so the laptop is my main computer.

  7. Well that bag is just so cute that I'm going to have to go look for one too. : )

  8. I am a sucker for bags and I am really happy when I find a great sale. Thanks for the post. I love Target!!!

  9. LOL!!!!! yes, husbands are NOT allowed on shopping trips unless you have the pre-talk in the car like when you were little..."when we go in this store..." i like to let hubbs know,this is what i'm buying, so brace yourself now, cause i don't wanna hear you complain about the price. lol!! maybe not in those words. your husband's good...he actually knows what you have. mine doesn't really have a clue.

    congrats on your new tote. awesome price! see, now he'll realize that you really needed this bag and you will use it:)

  10. target has the best bags..period.
    i bought a black bag for my laptop.going to go back and get another one for my laptop.a brown one this think 2 bags is enuff for my laptop?.LOL.greta post Sis!

  11. You are braver than me...I would never let husband go shopping with me! He has no clue how much I buy!! I love the purse you got, but simply must ask, WHY oh WHY haven't you used the pink Lilly pocketbook...I bet it's darling!