Target Run: Liberty of London Edition

Over the weekend, I gave into the floral-print frenzy of the Liberty of London for Target collection.

The plan had been to shop online with my Sunday morning coffee at my fingertips. However, once I started clicking – everything I wanted was already sold out.

So poured my joe into a to-go mug and zipped over to the closest Target. By then it was 10:30 am and store was rocking with shoppers pushing red buggy’s piled high with Liberty goodies.

I’d gone in for some accessories and a few housewares.

I hadn’t intended to buy clothes. The prints looked too busy for a middle-aged woman. But I tried on two tops that left me pleasantly surprised.

On the hanger, it looks like you need First Lady arms to wear these. Not at all. Now I’m not saying you can get away wearing them with bat wing flab, but you don’t have to be on friendly terms with the gym to look great in them. The halter-neck is very shoulder flattering.

It's dark and rainy here today, so the photo conditions aren't the best. Here are two photos from Target's site:

I think they’ll be perfect for a casual dinner out. I'll pair them with dark jeans and strappy, metallic sandals with a bit of a heel.

Unfortunately, they were sold out of the canisters, mug and teapot I wanted, but I did get the cereal bowl on my list. (Just one because Mr. Phyllis doesn’t eat cold food.)

I also picked up two bucket hats and a few (non Liberty) v-neck cotton tees in spring colors. I’m seriously considering growing out my relaxer in order to explore some bolder hair color options. If I decide to do it, I’m sure hats will come in handy this summer.

The tops were $19.99 each and the hats were $12.99 each. The tees are on sale this week for $6.

And while we’re talking Liberty of London, I’ll probably pass on their make-up collection for MAC Cosmetics. I ADORE the packaging, but the colors may be too cool for me.

Sooooo, what about you guys? Anybody pick up anything from either Target or MAC’s Liberty of London collections?


  1. Very cute. You are making me want to make a Target run even if just for the hats. I love hats.

  2. Ooh we love Liberty. I'm just about to blog about a new-ish collaboration, I like the hats, very cute.

  3. Very cute stuff. I didn't know about the Liberty Collection but now you're making me want to go to Target to check it out.

  4. I don't know if you caught my post, but that line was my reason for falling off the not a cent in lent wagon. I couldn't resist swimsuits for my girls!

  5. I just found your blog and I love it. Would you consider checking mine out (I just restarted it) and maybe adding it to your blog roll?


  6. Everybody is talking about this Liberty of London line at Target. Well, I still haven't seen it. I must be the LAST person who hasn't seen it.

  7. Thanks for visiting, ladies!

    LOL! I think I need some kind of Target intervention.

    @Miss Janice - I was so NOT into housewares, but your lovely tablescapes have totally inspired me.

    @Kwana - The hats are my favorite!

    @Chelle - I miss you!!!!

    @That Is Not My Age - More Liberty!?!? Can hardly wait for you to post more!!!

    @Kristi - The girls' stuff was so CUTE!!!

    @Lesa - headed over to check out your blog!!!!

  8. fab haul! you must get SOMEthing from MAC LoL! dirty plum blush?