Product Review: Olay Total Effects Body Wash - Deep Penetrating Moisture

For the most part, Olay products have been a powerful ally in my war against Mother Nature.

So when their latest offering claimed to cleanse, moisturize and fight seven signs of aging all over my body, I couldn’t resist picking up a bottle of Olay Total Effects Body Wash in Deep Penetrating Moisture. They further promised soft, smooth skin after only one shower, improved elasticity in one week and young-looking radiant skin in a month.

Now let’s get down to what it actually did.

The good – One shower left my gator-like skin feeling ultra soft and moisturized. This was the first body wash I’ve ever used that made lotion optional.

The blah
- It’s not really scented, and I found myself missing the kick of coconut, vanilla or fruit I get from my usual brands.

The verdict
– I’m not naïve enough to believe a body wash will improve skin elasticity or make my skin younger looking. However, this is a fabulous one for anyone with really dry skin. It’s also great for mornings when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time for body moisturizer.

I paid $5.99 it at Publix, and I’d definitely buy it again.


  1. seems like a great option especially for the winter months. i think id miss a vanilla scent too

  2. Sounds good - and I quite like fragrance free. Please feel free to blog about any miracle anti-ageing products you find, I need to sort out my wrinkles!

  3. Thanks so much for thr review. Cool.

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