The Loft: Driving Me Wild!

There is such a thing as love at first sight.

I felt it this morning on Ann Taylor Loft’s website.

“Oh, it’s just lust,” I told myself and slowly backed away from the computer.

After all, hadn’t I fallen for a cleverly disguised, old lady hat a few days ago? How could I have ever thought that ugly hat was chic? Ugh!

But I digress…

A bagel and two cups of coffee later, I returned to the computer and submitted my Ann Taylor Loft order.

Below are the objects of my affection:

Here's a closer look at the necklace:

This chocolate zebra-print cardi (also available in pink) and necklace are so me! I’m pretty sure it’s love. I’ll know for sure when my order arrives in a couple of days.

Any spring or summer fashions turn your head lately? What’s in your shopping cart????


  1. Loooove the jacket...and don't feel bad I was once duped by a pair of Mom jeans masquerading as low rise ones. It wasn't a good look :\

  2. That is a nice looking outfit. I need to do some shopping.

  3. Totally chic. Totally you. I actually saw that necklace in the window display today!
    My question for you if you've shopped there a few years: has the loft recently changed their style (in the past few years) or has my style changed where now I like their items?

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  5. @Toya! LOL! I'm just so relieved to find jeans that fit, mine are probably mom-ish. Like you said, not a good look. Especially when you don't have kids.

    @Kwana - Sadly, I think this is all of the shopping I'm going to do this summer.

    @Kristi - ATL has definitely changed! The styles and quality are so much better.

    I used to stick with regular Ann Taylor, because the Loft's clothes looked kind of "outlet-ish".

    Now I find AT too be to stuffy.

    Talbots is another store that's become more stylish. I'm starting to really love their stuff.