Oh, no! Don’t go!

I just love stepping out of the salon on hair day. My short bob is shiny, swingy and bouncing with body.

For the past year, I’ve kept the salon-fresh look of my blowout going all week by giving my hair a few spritzes of Kerastase Noctogenist Voile Nuit for Thin Hair before wrapping it at night.

Kerastase promises the overnight treatment will have you waking up to soft, radiant and renewed hair - and they’re absolutely right.

So imagine my shock when I read it was being discontinued.


Initially, I wanted to hoard as many bottles as I could find and stock my cabinets, but the $65 a bottle price tag calmed me down.

Instead, I bought just two bottles (one lasts me nearly a year). I’m hoping by the time I run out, they’ll be something even better on the market.

Soooo, what are some of your discontinued favorites?

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