What's For Lunch?

“I’m rededicating myself to my diet plan this morning, and I’m gonna be soooo good!”


Yeah, I know. You've heard (and said) those same words a million times.

But hear me out. I indeed started the day with a bowl of Cheerios, skim milk and a banana. Not an easy feat for this hot breakfast loving gal!

And I stayed strong until lunchtime rolled around, when...uh, I... um… On second thought, I’ll skip the convoluted excuses.

Sometimes a photo says it all:

So have you giving into the temptation of any goodies lately? What did you have?


  1. Hi Phyllis.

    I've actually been pretty good lately (except for that Hershey bar with my iced coffee. *coughcough*).
    Have you checked out the Healthy Writers blog? We're helping each other get better at this.


  2. MaryC, we're kindred spirits! My favorite combo is a Hershey bar with a Diet Coke.

    Thanks for telling me about Healthy Writer. I popped over there, and it's full of really good tips!

  3. Oh that looks so yummy. Yesterday, I skipped lunch and at half of a Toblerone bar instead. :(

  4. @Courtney - Mmmm! I love those!!!!

  5. Oh good luck. You know where I am. I'm rooting for you.

  6. Your cupcake looks delicious! I confess - I drove past Krispy Kreme yesterday and I couldn't stop my car from pulling into the drive through. However, I only order one donut and I chased it with a bottle of water. *lol*

  7. @Kwana - Ditto, hon!

    @mrstdj - Was the hot donuts sign flashing???? Yum! KK is located right across the street from my Weight Watchers center. There's something so not right about that.

  8. I just ate a bag of mini Chips Ahoy. Mini, because I thought smaller is better, and the whole bag, because I was hungry after eating all those mini cookies! Your cupcake looks divine and worth blowing a few calories. We'll get back on the wagon again right? Right? Okay seriously, right?

  9. Vanilla cherry ice cream. For lunch. Today. O_O

  10. @Katrina - You cannot NOT eat the entire bag of those mini Chips Ahoy.

    @Liane - Vanilla cherry!!!! My dh would love that combo. Where did you find it, grocery store or ice cream shop?

  11. Hey. Really nice looking layout. Although the previous layout had presence as well.

    Hahahahaha @ "Yawn."

    I cannot really tell if that's creme of ice cream atop the muffin. I don't blame you though for stepping outside the diet plan for a moment. Food is good.

    I eat just about anything that looks and smells right. Except Spaghetti. Can't eat everyone's spaghetti.

  12. Hey Don! It's a chocolate cupcake!

    So far you're the only one who noticed the new layout. LOL! Wish I had some kind of door prize for you.

  13. I've been good lately, it's been a while, but I made changes in my life and the weight is falling off, I am working out and eating clean. But, I am not going to deny cravings in moderation like that cupcake, my weakness, I had a german choclate one last friday. :)