A Makeover Story – Coffee Edition

Drinking massive amounts of black coffee is one of my true joys in life.

Whether the clock reads 8 am or midnight, I’m always up for a cup of java. Sometimes I’m tempted to remove the glass carafe and stick my head underneath the automatic drip.

But after years good service, I decided to retire my faithful 4-cup Mr. Coffee to Goodwill.

Farewell, old friend.

Allow me to introduce y’all to its replacement:

It’s my favorite color and makes exactly one cup (perfect because I’m the only one in our house who drinks coffee). I picked up the set of stacking mugs at World Market for $12 after spotting them on Sweet Tea in Seattle’s blog.

How about you guys? Makeover anything lately?


  1. I love love love coffee. Although I juice and have my protien power, I still drink coffee. I guess I just don't want to give it up. That is the truth. Hmmm I've made over my hair with twist outs that I have fallen in love with the style. Work in progress but making over my mind, starting with being true to myself and with myself now matter how painful and real it is. Regardless it is setting me FREE!!!

  2. I'll bet your hair is gorgeous. I attempted to go natural this year, but after five months I got a retouch on my relaxer.

    Dealing with transitioning made my head ache - literally. Like you said, being true to yourself can be painful and real...