My Month in Photos - October Edition

From Target hauls to winning big in Las Vegas (only bet $1) to the thrill of seeing my Harlequin Kimani romance  SWEETER TEMPTATION in stores, here's my month in photos!


  1. COngrats! SO well deserved. I picked out taste of temptation from the wal mart Kimani listing. The cover naturally caught my attention. OMG! OMG! OMG! is all I can say. how did you know what my dream man would be like. WOW that was such an amazing book. I posted it on my facebook recommending everyone read it. That is the most juicy sexy and classy love story I have read in a while. I just found Sweeter Temption on Wal Mart website and I can't wait to get started. I love your writing and plan to read every single one of your stories. I had to come and find you online and tell you how much I loved Taste of Temptation and then I see you got an award i'm so happy!!!! So worth the award!!!!
    Sincere thanks, Mia in San Diego area of California.

    1. Hi Mia!

      Thanks so much for your sweet words about TASTE FOR TEMPTATION. Kyle's story is my personal favorite of the two books, and I hope you enjoy SWEETER TEMPTATION.