While I spent most of it anchored to the computer with deadlines for my upcoming Thanksgiving book, I did manage to have some fun this spring - including unleashing my inner artist with my very first painting, a trip to NYC to see A RAISIN IN THE SUN, the Romance Slam Jam and RT Books conventions in New Orleans and best of all seeing my friend and fellow Harlequin author Farrah Rochon a few times! It's back to the deadline cave for me. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos!


  1. Your hair is really cute - love that color! I came to the page because I was checking Amazon and they have Falling into Forever on preorder! Yay - I really enjoy your books and I'm looking forward to this new series. Funny that you and Ms. Rochon on friends - she's another favorite.
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Juliette - Thanks for reaching out. Glad you like the hair!

      And thank you for pre-ordering FALLING INTO FOREVER. It's a Thanksgiving-themed book that I hope you enjoy. It's also the second book of the Wintersage Weddings series. AC Arthur's EVE OF PASSION (October 2014) is the first book, and the third book is Farrah Rochon's A MISTLETOE AFFAIR (December 2014).

      LOL! Yes, Farrah's my buddy! She's one of my favorite authors too!