Review: Pantene's Relaxed & Natural Conditioning Mask

We’ve all done it. Given an undeserving man chance after chance, practically begging for his love.

To those of you who just shook your heads and proudly proclaimed, “Not me.” The rest of us say, “Quit lying!”

It’s been a while since I’ve made a fool out of myself over love, unfortunately, not so in the beauty department.

With its slick, sexy packaging and intoxicating scent, I really wanted Pantene’s Relaxed & Natural Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask to be my everything.

My stylist applied the mask to my freshly-shampooed hair and covered my head with a plastic cap. She then stuck me under the dryer for 20 minutes. After rinsing, drying and styling, my hair looked just fine (keep in mind a stylist is going to send you out the door looking decent), but it didn’t FEEL fine. It simply didn’t feel soft or moisturized, but the exact opposite.

I didn’t want to believe it.

So I talked myself into thinking it wasn’t the man’s… oops, I mean the mask’s fault and gave it another chance.

This time I did my own hair. Same mediocre results.

Finally, I got the message. My short-lived relationship with this deep conditioning mask wasn’t going to work out. So I opened the jar and took one last whiff of its heavenly scent, before tossing it in the trash.

If you still want to give it a whirl, I found a 7.7 oz jar of this conditioner for $4.99 in the hair care aisle at Walmart. Who knows? It was no good for me, but it might just be your hair happily-ever-after.

FYI - The deadline monster is looming so I’m headed into my writing cave. Basically, that means shutting off the WiFi and working on a computer with no internet access. So I’ll “see” ya’ll in about a week.

Oh, if you bust me at the library or Starbucks sneaking on the internet to buy something off, feel free to pop me in the back of the head and order me back to work!


  1. Thanks for the honest review. Sorry the love affair didn't work out. Sniff:) Best of luck with the deadline.

  2. Sorry I didn't work out. I heard that Pantene Relaxed and Natural is full of cones and they just coat your hair....
    good luck with the deadline

  3. relaxed and natural failed me long ago.... i wouldnt try anything else from that line although when i first saw the mask, it was tempting. good luck on your deadline.

  4. Love your opening. Cracked me up. I too have had bad experiences with that line. When I had a perm and with my natural hair. It was always so drying for me. Yucks. Many blessings with that d-word.

  5. You are too cute!!!!! lol, i know all about the man, oops mask issue! lol

  6. oooooooooh, sorry that mask didn't work for you! but, you get to writing, ma'am!!! see ya later!

  7. I love your writing style!!! I too have tried products again and again hoping that one day they'll live up to their claims.

    Thanks, I will NOT be trying this product. Funny post!

  8. LOL Yes before I was a label reader Pantene got me one too many times.
    Thanks for the review.
    You will get everything done in time. GREat great review.
    Product Junkie Diva

  9. Hmmm...I love the daily cream moisturizer I bought by them on clearance. It really surprised me.

  10. wow!gurl, For a minute I thought you were a spokeswoman for the competeitors. You did a good 30 second commercial. LOL

  11. Mazel Tov on the Deadline and I hear from Chelle that you are feeling good on the eating - congratulations

  12. lol that was a very great read on something that you didn't like! I won't be heading down Pantene's Road lol
    I hope you made it with your deadline!

  13. I don't like it either. It makes detangling easier, but it leaves my hair feeling very wiry. Kind of like steel wool

  14. I actually like this mask. It's consistent and produces good results for me.
    The reason why I have it, is because the last person didn't think it was so great and passed it along.
    It just goes to show you that you never know which products will work well for you and which ones will disappoint.