Come Visit Me!

No post today, but I'm a guest on fellow blogger and writer Kwana's blog - Kwana Writes.

So please come visit and leave a comment. It's not like you're not going to be over there anyway getting your Project Runway scoop.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I look different in the photo. I paid a lot of $$$ for those retouched, erase my crows feet and wrinkles photos, and I going to use 'em until I'm 90!



  1. great article! i tried picking up knitting once, lol...but it didn't go so well, he he

  2. thank you for your sweet comments. I loved the look too and i am so in trouble! Please get Copper Sand it is so pretty!!!

    great interview by the way. I had no idea you were a writer!! I will check out your book...

  3. did i tell you that i love your new layout?
    it is hoot!!

  4. Thanks again for the interview. You are so funny. I love the photo!

  5. Great interview - My dearest friend Kwana always has the best posts on inspiring writers. I love your blog-
    if you love skin care, take a look at my post today.
    Love to hear your beauty routine! Love your photo here on your blog with your short hair!

  6. Thanks for the coments and visiting me at Kwana's!

    @RenRen = I had to try it a few times to get the hang of it.

    @Amina - LOL! I already ran out to get that eyeshadow. If you're interested in my books, click the covers on the right side of this blog and they'll sent you to Amazon.

    @pve design - again, I love your blog. Adding you to my blogroll!

    @Karen - thanks! You are such a sweetie!

    @Don - LOLOL!

    @Kwana - thanks for the interview!