Hit It And Forget It

You knew the rules up front. It was just a one night stand.

Still, you got a taste of some good stuff and stupidly allowed yourself to fall in love.

Now you’re devastated.

“There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Mom tries comforting you with the same tired cliché she used back when you were dumped by a high school boyfriend.

Your best friend is fed-up with your constant whining. “Girl, just move on,” she huffs.

But how can you? It was sooooo wonderful while it lasted.

True make-up junkies already know what I’m talking about, and it’s not a night of hot sex with a gorgeous stranger.

This is a lot tougher to get over.

It’s those @#%! limited edition make-up colors.

Bobbi Brown loved me and left me with both her violet and chocolate face palettes.

MAC did it to me with Happening Gal lipglass and Fab blush from the Barbie Loves MAC collection. Then did it again with Adventuresome, a pretty mauve with pearl frost from the Raquel Welch Icon collection.

Another wham-bam-thank-you-mam was Mauritius, a limited edition shade of Chanel’s Aqualumiere Sheer Lipshine.

I can’t take it anymore, I vow as I slick on a coat of the lovely Liqueur from the Cult of Cherry collection. No more limited editions for me!

Then again, doesn’t MAC’s Manish Arora collection debut next month? And I wonder what Nars is up too????

Hmmm, maybe Mom was right. There are always more fish in the sea.



  1. u summed it up! mac is notorious for discontinuing a good thing.

  2. i just wrote a small bit about loving a product and it leaving me cold and lonely :-( and we all know the story of the MAC thief who stole my fave shadow that is no longer being produced-UGH!

  3. love it! and i def know what you mean!

    funny a chanel lipstick was named after mauritius. i never here of this place ever, except that i've been there! LOL

  4. i absolutely love your writing style!! so engaging!!! i must say, i don't think i've ever had this wham-bam-thank-you-maam experience with makeup. i guess that's because i rarely buy limited edition products. but there was once a wet n' wild bronzer that was discontinued that i love, so i guess i can relate! :-)

    Great post!!!

  5. Love your new layout!! I would have to say that for black and white photos you really want to make your work high contrast. really make your darks dark. I accented my highlighted areas with vaseline to give it an extra glow. I also sculpted their faces, putting blush in the hollows of their cheeks so their cheekbones stand out more.

  6. hey doll~ how are you? Thanks for stopping by my blog! yeah that AVON thing is booty! lovely blog you got here! and you are stunning!

  7. lol awww i love this post! you skillful writer you

  8. I will be honest, you had me going there @ first. Until I realized you were talking about make-up. lol.

  9. I understand the feeling. Makes me wonder if I should by 2 of my LE faves so I can prolong the feelings.

  10. MAC ain't slick! I've been hip to their game for a minute!

  11. MAC toys with our emotions with the whole limited editions!
    I am so splurging on manish arora..that eyeshadow palette is mine!

  12. Love this, it was just the laugh I needed.