Give Me More!

When it comes to dessert, helping yourself to seconds might be perceived as greedy. However, beautywise it’s the ultimate compliment.

Here are a few stellar performers that keep me reaching for seconds:

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($19.99 at Target) - I initially balked at the price, but mes amis (← picking up French from Amina’s très chic bilingual blog) this is department store moisturizer in a drug store bottle. It’s creamy and hydrating without leaving an oily sheen on your face. To top it all off, it offers major sun protection. Keep in mind, my skin is dry. This moisturizer may be a bit much for oily or breakout prone complexions. And I’m not the only one loving this moisturizer; Fitness magazine gave it kudos in their October 2008 issue.

Kera Care Humecto Creme Conditioner – Forget the 8 oz bottle, I buy this deep conditioner by the 5lb tub! It infuses my relaxed, color-treated mane with much needed moisture. I apply it after shampooing; sit under a heated dryer for 15-20 minutes, rinse and style. Or just hand it over to my stylist and let her do the work. Either way, I get the same soft, silky, manageable results. If I can’t find this conditioner at my local Walmart beauty salon, I order it from Amazon. Prices vary.

bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation ($25 at Sephora) – I was sucked into the cult of Bare Escentuals while watching QVC at 3 o’clock in the morning, and I’ve been a loyal member ever since. Fresh, natural and pretty, this make-up truly gives a “your skin only better” look. My skin on the dry side and initially I was hesitant to try a power foundation, but I haven’t experienced any flaking. One caveat, it travels messy. Bare Escentuals makes a travel case for on-the-go application. I’ve tried it, but don’t recommend it.

MAC Lipstick in “O” ($14.00) – A MAC make-up artist introduced me to this shade in 1995 and my love affair with it is still going strong. MAC calls it an intense purplish-red with metallic golden shimmer, but don’t let that scare you. I call it a great shade for everyone - from Heidi Klum to Alex Wek.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lipgloss in Ruby Sugar ($20.00) – I can see your eye rolls through the computer screen. “Again, with the Ruby Sugar,” you’re saying. But I can’t help it. The stuff always looks great on! Again, Bobbi calls it soft red, but on me it’s a pinky mauve with a subtle shimmer. I keep a tube in my make-up bag, another in my purse and an extra in my laptop case. (Oh, and three new tubes in a drawer in case of emergency!)

Well, that’s my list. What’s yours? What super products do you buy over and over again?



  1. love all of the above products!
    great tips for feeling good and looking good.

  2. i need to try ruby sugar. which ones are your favorite bbrown products?
    i used to looove keracare conditioner

    my give me more products are karen's hair milk, shea butter, candles and MAC mulch eyeshadow

  3. i wannt try that processed hair is in dire need! one of my fav's...mac viva glam V lipstick and revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black!

  4. Besides perfumes, Loreal Voluminous mascara is one of my few repeats. I'm on the low end with beauty products, but I like to THINK about getting cool beauty products :)

  5. I am in lOVE with bare minerals make-up. I started using it about 3-1/2 years ago and just adore it! It's so easy and looks so great always. AND, I used to spend a fortune "trying" out new products but haven't had the need since BM's.

  6. Ooooh, I buy ambering rose blush by Mac, Eminence Linden Calendula and Stone Crop Serum, and every Black girl should have a Mac Shroom eyeshadow, and I'm becoming quite partial to Bisque and Brule of the same brand, but I think those were limited editions. Ooooh, I can't forget, either my covergirl lashblast...but lately, that De Guerlain mascara has been hitting the spot!

  7. I like chicks who go for "statement" lip colors!

  8. Great list, Auntie! You really are going to make me splurge on some Bobbi lippies.

  9. Love your list. I see a few to try. I'm a bare Minerals girl too. I always reach for the Bobbi Brown Walnut Stain Lipstick.

  10. oh i love your banner picture. i really wanna try that last lipgloss!

  11. My colorstay foundation in caramel. when i want full coverage but in a natural way, i reach for that! it's the best!

  12. I love DHC Deep Cleansing Oil!!!! It's the best cleanser I've ever used. I posted about it on my blog, go to for a free sample!

    I also use Lansinoh nipple cream on my lips and dry patches...It's the best balm EVER! Better than Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. You get it at the drugstore in the baby aisle!

  13. my list is too long...but i love yours. that conditioner sounds great!

  14. Okay, I'm going to have to try this Bobbie Brown Brown Sugar now...The Aveeno sounds good too, I wonder if they have a version for folks who are a mix between dry and oily. Oh well... in any case, it's an excuse to run to Target and to the mall, and for that I thank you... ;-) I love an excuse to go shopping.


  15. PBW--I love BB lipgosses! I have nude, and two different pinks, but now I will have to try Ruby Sugar out. Do you think it would work on me? Check out my face and let me know...Don't you just love the way the BB gloss wears? So sticky and long-lasting!! And that TASTE!!! I have asked them about a dozen times, however, to improve that dang brush that ends up fraying out like some sort of mini-witch broom! Have you noticed that? Also, it's hard to get all the product out when the tube is running low!

  16. I keep seeing purple and mauve tones here but I've NEVER tried those colours although my colouring seems similar to yours.

    Can't think of any of my current crop that I can't live without. I used to love Flori Roberts cashew face powder but I don't see it down here. I was also addicted to a fawn lipstick from Clarins and mandarin from Elizabeth Arden but I think they stopped making these.

    Am I in the right place for some new ideas or what?

  17. I really ned to try keracare, I have heard great things about that line.

  18. My wife uses that Bobbi Brown lip gloss.. I think it's so sexy, just watching her apply it on..Hope that doesn't sound weird.

  19. Sea Breeze, Issey Mayaki cologne, disposable razors, and Febreze spray.

  20. Thanks for sharing your favs. I've got several of them on my shopping list.

    @ Keith and Don - Thanks for stopping by. I'm doing a post of men's products soon. Well, as soon as I can get Mr. PBW to sit for a photo.

    @ gwyneth - Once you start with Bobbi, it's an addiction. Her make-up is super natural and leaves you looking like you - only better.

    @ karen - That BB lipgloss brush is annoying, isn't it?!?! The best part about buying a new tube is getting a new brush. In BB gloss, honey is my nude. Which pinks do you use?

    @renren - Viva Glam V is gorgeous! I got my sister-in-law hooked on it.

    @ amina - Have you found something better than KeraCare? If so, please share. Oh, I love Yankee Candles. Have you ever tried them?

    @ diva style - I put Amber Rose blush on my MAC shopping list.

    @wendyb - I love women who can pull off a bold red or hot pink lip!

    @ kwana - Bare Minerals is great. I just wish it traveled better.

    @ B - Bobbi lippies, what are you waiting on????

    @PJD - I think you'll love the KeraCare conditioner results.

    @ Wordtryst - I think you'll love MAC's "O". It's gorgeous!

  21. I don't think my relaxed hair would be as healthy and as strong if I didn't use Keracare Humetco. I have been told that the formulation in the tub is of a thicker consistency than the formulation in the bottle. I can't attest to this from personal experience, however.

    I have not jumped on the Bare Minerals proverbial bandwagon, but, I did get a color matching at the store at the mall near my home. So, I may become a convert soon.

    MAC is the joint! Wonderful cosmetic line.

  22. i use sheer cover and I have the same problem with the travel applicator. thought it was just me!! thanks

  23. 'm on the low end with beauty products, but I like to THINK about getting cool beauty products.and I have asked them about a dozen times, however, to improve that dang brush that ends up fraying out like some sort of mini-witch broom!
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