Help Me Lighten Up!

When it comes to traveling, I adhere to the old Boy Scout motto – BE PREPARED.

So when a power outage at a hotel we were staying in engulfed us in darkness, I simply felt around the pitch-black room for my suitcase and retrieved my trusty flashlight.

And that’s not all I’m prepared to handle.

Flight delayed? I pack an extra cell phone charger in my carry on.

Awkward outlets in hotel room? I pack an extension cord.

Stinky rental car? I pack scented dryer sheets to put under the seats.

Paper cut? I pack a mini-first aid kit.

Bored? I pack UNO cards. (Who doesn’t love UNO?).

Jump bad with cops? I pack a video camera, so you’ll be able to watch your butt whipping over and over again on CNN.

These are just a few things I pack, and we haven’t even got to shoes, purses, outfits, underwear, toiletries, make-up, iPod, my MacBook, blah, blah, blah…

Just the other day, we were on the expressway headed to the airport when an 18-wheeler whizzed past. Mr. PBW said, “Look Phyl, he’s hauling your suitcase.”

I couldn’t say a damn thing.

He was absolutely right. My suitcases weigh a ton.

So today I’m turning to my beauty family for help.

Give me your best tips for traveling light?

But remember, the flashlight is non-negotiable!



  1. I'm am going to have to get back to you with actual tips because I am laughing entirely too hard at the reason behind the video camera! LOL! *dead*

  2. LOl you get me every time I come to this site.
    I am probably not the person to help you because everything that you packed seems perfect!

  3. HA! Great list! Random stuff that I always include: Lysol, hangers, a towel and a washcloth.

  4. you are my kind of girl! i'm the same way with packing, i make extensive typed lists and color code them, lol

  5. Auntie STOP! Not a flashlight. That's soooo prepared. And the dryer sheets? I love that! And the video camera--OMG, I'm dying!

    I really don't have any traveling light tips. Simply because I can't pack lightly! HA!

  6. THIS WAS HILARI0US!!! i listen to erika badu's song-- bag lady, pack light,--- and think positive. those are all worst case scenarios.

  7. oh yeh, i've already learned from traveling every where, 3rd world and all.. if you can't carry it yourself.. don't bring it! stuff like elevators, escalators, great weather and getting a taxi are priviledges in some places.

  8. OMG...I wish I could pack light...however, you make me look like an extremely light and thrifty packer, LOL. You are a bad influence! :-P This isn't helping!

  9. I have no tips because I pack so heavy but thanks for the laugh. You have cracked me up today. Love the cops tip!

  10. I am a light packer - like Yummy, I always pack keeping in mind that I may be the one schlepping my bag all over the place. I've never forgotten to pack something that wasn't easily purchased at my vacation location. My advice? Pick a color scheme, take two pairs of shoes max, and utilize laundry facilities at your destination.

    Great post!

  11. Wow, you really are prepared for any and everything! LOL I can't really help you because I'm an over-packer too!

  12. Funny, Phyllis! I've never felt the need to bring things like flashlights, extension cords, etc., but my travel is limited to the U.S. (the only times I left the country I was either on a cruise ship or staying with someone).

    I do carry a voice recorder, which would come in handy to prove any unpleasant encounters with police. Plus, I carry my portable navigation unit with me everywhere to help find my way around strange cities. And I roll my clothes instead of laying them flat in the suitcase.

    Happy trails to you!

  13. Can't offer advice, but have to admire your preparedness. Tend to stuff my suitcases with notebooks and manuscripts and heavy junk like that...

  14. I can't help you. I have no idea how to pack light... But I will say that you seem to have me beat. LOL.


  15. Try to roll-fold your clothes. That works wonders for me in terms of creating space in the suitcase. =)

  16. This is so funny. I used to pack heavy but I pack and then unpack to see what I will really wear, use and need. I tend to take the things that I have not used in months and convince myself that I will need them.

  17. I'm getting worse at this not better but while I'm packing I keep something in mind my mother in law once told me.

    "It's not like you can't buy it when you get there!" LOL

  18. My best way to travel light is to never go anywhere heheh.

  19. Hilariously stealthy tip about the video camera! Thanks.

    I learned from my neat freak mother-in-law to pack complete outfits (including socks and underwear) into separate ziploc bags (the 2 1/2 gallon ones). Then you sit on the bag and SQUIISSHH the air out before sealing it.

    So then you have vacuum-packed outfits you can stack like flat little tortillas into your suitcase.

    I used to laugh at my mother-in-law for doing this--until I tried it!

  20. I don't travel light -- I like to be prepared like you!

  21. Hello,

    My travel tip...don't travel, it's such a drag...