Review: CG's Exact Eyelights Mascara

I wonder if it really works?

That's the first question that popped into my head when I came across Cover Girl's Exact Eyelights mascara in the grocery store. The second? Can that mediocre-singing Rihanna (who's pictured in the display) get any cuter?

I grabbed the one for brown eyes and tossed it in my buggy, because as I've explained to Mr. PBW - if it comes from the supermarket it's not really yet another beauty product, now is it?

Anyhoo, like me, I'll bet you're dying to know if Cover Girl's eye-brightening claim is indeed true, and this mascara inspired every man I've come across while wearing it break into a chorus of Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”?

Uh...duh…um...welllll, I dunno?????

I think it makes the brown in my eyes a bit more rich and intense. Then again, that may be because I'm staring into them in the mirror when I usually don't. Can’t decide?

However, in pulling normal mascara duties this one wasn’t very impressive. It clumped. It failed to lift and separate my lashes. Then to top it off, it smudged within a half hour of application.

If you decide to go for it anyway, this mascara comes in four shades:

Black Gold – for hazel eyes
Black Sapphire – for blue eyes
Black Pearl – for brown eyes
Black Ruby – for green eyes

I paid $7.50 for it at Kroger.



  1. Ohmigoodness, words can not express how much I loathe this mascara, Auntie. Aside from it not doing what it says it's going to do, it also has those little glitter flecks that fall in your eyes. Um dangerous!

  2. LOL @ B's comment.
    Persoanlly I don't think it made my brown eyes look any better. However I think is was ok as a regular mascara.
    So happy to see a new post from you. YAY

  3. yay another post! yah i heard this mascara was disappointing, they make it look so deceiving by how rhianna looks so great in the ads!

  4. welps.. sounds like a no no!! lol but rihanna makes it look sooo tempting!

  5. Mm, I'll give this one a pass. Glitter flecks in the eyes? **shudder**

  6. Boo to that mascara. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. Thanks for the review. I should have known that the product was garbage. Thanks for saving me money.

  8. Have you tried that Maybelline Stiletto mascara yet? I am such a little mascara fanatic, but I forgot to pick up when I was at Target today!

  9. I tried this mascara for green eyes and really saw no difference. My lashes were all stuck together and it was all clumpy. It did make my lashes appear longer but almost in an alien kinda way. My lashes were all stiff and I saw no difference in my eyes. Very disappointed.
    P.S. I heard it worked well on blue eyes but none other.