Happy (Belated) New Year!

Soooo, how’s that New Year’s resolution coming along?

By late-January I’m usually scratching my head trying to remember what the hell I resolved to do. But so far I’m managing to:

1. Get off my non-morning person behind and hit the elliptical at 5:30 am. (Workout clothes are my new jammies.)

2. Glue the same behind to a chair at Starbucks and write seven days a week.

3. Return to Weight Watchers. (I’m a wayward Lifetimer 20 pounds over goal. Yikes!)

However, I’m not doing so well with:

1. Resisting Late July Organic Mini-cheese Sandwich Crackers. They stopped carrying them in my grocery store, so I order them by the crate off Amazon (see below).

2. Controlling my itchy “submit order” trigger finger on Sephora, J. Crew and Amazon’s websites.

3. Dejunking my purse. I cleaned it out New Year’s Day, but it’s back to being heavier than the trunk that accompanied me to college.

Well, how are the rest of you doing with the promises you made to yourself for 2009?



  1. I'm up and down especially with WW. I vow to one day become a lifetime member. Lord knows I've paid enough over my life. Now I have you as inspiration too!

  2. oh those crackers look good! part of my resolution i'm working on, i started working out and eating right and i already shed some pounds...yay!

  3. i didn't take any resolutions because i am still working on the ones i took 3 years ago

  4. No resolutions for me. Just a commitment to step up my spiritual life. So far, so good. But check back next week. :}

  5. Mmnn, cheese crackers.

    My Eggplant hued Zuma came, we'll see how long it takes me to fill it up : )

  6. Kwana, I lost the bulk of my weight of my own and the last 25 on WW. It took a year to make Lifetime. Thanks for getting me back on plan!!!!

    Ren, I LOVE those damn crackers! Congrats on dropping those pounds!

    Amina - I have a list of recurring resolutions that I somehow never get around to doing. But one of these days, I'm going to be a vegan, French-speaking yogi!

    Deidra - your blog is really cool! Added you to my blogroll!

    Elysbeth - LOVE that purple Zuma!!! This is my favorite Cali bag so far. I have it in saddle and lime. I got the lime for summer. Also got the snap bags which I love, love, love. Do you have those????

  7. ...happy new year...I'm going to work harder at returning the phone calls of people who really have nothing to say...but, for some reason love to complain that I never return their calls...

  8. i dont do new years resolutions but my online ordering and spending in general is out of hand. seriously. i need to put a cap on that.

  9. OH Crap I don't make darn resolutions anymore. I just take it day by day. Then you don't have to wait a whole year for a "do-over!"

    Miss you girl and keep blogging, no matter what your writing schedule!

  10. I am staying on track with a daily log book. If I don't write the words "done" by the item that is a problem for me when I know not doing the item on my list was within my control. I has been working so far. I can't believe we are in month 2 already.


  11. Um, well... Hm. I'll get back to you on that one.

    Good going on the first three, PBW. Hoping some of that resolve rubs off on me.