A Recessionista Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beauty-product loving princess who wouldn’t dream of stepping into the bath without her favorite $35 a tube perfumed shower gel, then rubbing a squirt of $80 a bottle anti-aging lotion onto her shower-fresh skin.

Ahhhh, the good life. The stock market was hitting unprecedented highs, and our princess was thinking early retirement.

Then the recession hit, leaving the pricey product princess’ old age nest egg in the toilet.

Faced with the possibility of pushing a shopping cart through the park in her golden years, or even worse having to smile at homely babies...er, um... adorable cherubs at the entrance of her local Walmart, our princess had to make some cutbacks.

Now her bath regimen consists of the budget-friendly Suave Naturals Body Wash in Tropical Coconut and Suave Skin Therapy Cocoa Butter with Shea Lotion.

Both discount potions are rich, creamy and smell wonderful, making the affordable feel surprisingly luxurious. Best of all, at about $2 each, they leave her with cash to stash!

Don’t be shy fellow princesses. Come on, tell me. What are your recession concessions?


  1. I love your blog. I just found it.

  2. I have heard so much about the Suave Coconut. I am going to try it. I tend to buy in bulk when things are on sale.

  3. I use my left over unused shampoo as a body wash!

    Also, I have pledged not to purchase anything until I have used up what I have. So... I digging deep in the back of the cabinet and closets. I am pulling out unused gift sets. I am only buying what I need.

  4. You've read all about my adventures with The Snowball Project...my own little cash crunch fairy tale.

    I am definitely adding Suave Coconut to my arsenal! Thanks for the tip!

  5. I can now confess that I've always been one for beauty on the cheap. The Suave body washes get a big yes. I also use baby oil -- generic -- when I first step out of the shower. And I use shea butter vaseline on my feet inside thick cotton socks for overnight moisturizing. The only thing I don't skimp on is my face. I'm an Oil of Olay girl all the way. The products last a long time and I consider the "splurge" an investment in me. LOL

  6. I always have a few bottles of Suave shampoo and conditioner in my bathroom vanity! Love the products. Who needs $7 shampoo?

  7. HI PBW
    Suave is a great pick becuase they offer a wide range of scents. I also like Caress and Tone.
    Overall I am doing my best to ignore unecessary items.

  8. Oh this recession is a sad, sad thing. I'm now the queen of CVS bubble bath and down to the end of all my hotel givaways.LOL. In a pinch I'm not ashamed to say I'll throw a little dish liquid in to give me bubbles I have to have my nightly bath to go with my reading before bed. It's a must. I'll give Suave a try. Thanks.

  9. most of my skincare is from the drugstore...it can get so pricey!

  10. I love all of Sauves products....

    Here's my recession consession...

    I buy most any bubblies, lotions from the Dollar Tree. I spend 4.50every 6 months on Vitamin E oil or some other essential oil and add 10drops or so to the bottle.

    Works just as, if not better for about 1.25 a bottle...plus I can have more scents to chose from.

  11. that is the body wash im using RIGHT NOW! i like it. i really like their coconut scrub but the crappy cvs i shop at didnt have it. they suck royally.

    you know im all for budget beauty. i shop at cvs all the time and use my exta bucks and other coupons. i clip the coupons from the sunday paper, too. i basically am a coupon queen.

  12. I am just beginning to learn that just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's crappy. We're doing ok financially, but saving to buy a house, so I am trying to do what others have mentioned, using what I have. So many gifts of lotion and whatnot that I let sit, so now I am using them all up! And for really dry skin I use olive oil lightly or I put vaseline on my face at night and rub it in....t doesn't block pores and my skin that has been patchy here in England is now soft as a baby's bum!

  13. I love Suave products. I remember forever ago Good Housekeeping did a test on volumizing shampoo and Matrix was #1 and Suave was #2. done. I love their stuff- body soap (creamy type). love it. I always have Aquaphor, Cetaphil soap bars, and neutrogena face creams on hand too.

  14. my recession concession is making use of coupons! Thegrocerygame.com is an excellent tool to help save money on everything from food to makeup. As a MAU,I need to save as much as I can since I have to constantly spend money on cosmetics!

  15. ...I agree...I just blogged about my finds this weekend...check it out at www.soulpretty.blogspot.com

  16. Let's see...first I'm using everything in my cabinets!!! Who knew so much crap was in there! I won't need conditioners or shampoos until the fall at least. I no longer buy expensive face creame (so long La Mer...how oh I miss you) but I do like Burts Bees. I'm also using more items that have a dual purpose like Coconut Oil. I'm finding this recession and my new found financial awareness is actually a great thing for organizing and getting back to basics...maybe I should write a post about this! LOL

  17. Hi...loving your blog. I halted my trips to the esthetician and splurging on $50 face creams...traded that in for Dove moisturing cream. My face has never looked and felt better :)

  18. i can't believe i forgot to comment here..i thought i did!
    I also love suave body washes and tropical coconut conditioner!!
    they made a vanilla sugar conditioner last summer or was it 2 summers ago that smelled sooooooo good!!

  19. Thanks for the great beauty tips! For the past ten years or so, I've reached for the same products without even thinking. It's time to try something new!

  20. I'm definitely going to try that coconut body wash -- I love a great-smelling bargain. I'm really enjoying your blog, too.

  21. I have to try this product, because I walk past it time after time. Hope you're well :)

  22. @Tamstyles - thanks for stopping by. Loved checking out your blog!

    @Calming Corners, @Deidre, @MyFashionFrenzy, @Kwana - I think ya'll will like 'em. Especially the body wash.

    @Dara - What a fab idea! Most of my shampoos smell better than body washes!

    @StefanieWorth - Oil of Olay night cream is a staple for me too. Their products deliver! Will try the shea butter vaseline on my tootsies! Thanks for the tip!

    Hey Debby & Cindi!!!! Thanks for stopping by! I've missed ya'll!!

    @BettyeGriffin, @PJD, @Southern Gyrl, @Lisa - You savvy ladies are already on the Suave bandwagon. I wish I'd had jumped on it sooner!

    @antithesis - I didn't know they even made a body scrub!?!?! Gonna have to hunt it down.

    @Amina - I love the smell of vanilla sugar!!!! YUM!!!

    @Tami - Coconut oil is amazing, isn't it?

    @SoulPretty - You always find good stuff!!!!

    @Kalee - Great point!

    @Tigress or Tame? - I used to be a coupon maniac. I think I'm going to get back into it. Luv your blog!

    @RenRen - That was a great list you did on your blog!

    @Eclecticldy - I used to use Dove products all the time. Not even sure why I stopped, because they're fabulous!

  23. HA!

    That's what is have to say to those that laughed at my "Home Spa" focused blog. I haven't had to change ONE THING about the way I buy & use beauty products.

    I'm not a "Recessionista", I've been a Home Spa Goddess since '05!!!


  24. Well, I cut back on other things but since I'm 45 I didn't want to cut corners on the skincare. I did however, start using more organic products which means I'm paying more but I cut back in other areas to balance it out.