Review: Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

I adored my CHI.

Was absolutely smitten with the FHI.

However, I didn’t know the meaning of true love until I took a chance and bought the Sedu Revolution Nano Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron.

Now I know you’re thinking.

Isn’t that a $140 flat iron?

And wasn’t that YOU whining about your dwindling retirement account just one post ago?

Believe me, the same thoughts popped into my head after my out-of-control finger hit the “submit order” button on’s website.

“You need to take your foot and kick your own ass.” I muttered.

Then it arrived in the mail.

Now I’m patting myself on the back for the great buy!

The first thing that differentiated it from my previous high-end irons is it comes with a heatproof pouch/mat (great for traveling) and an instructional DVD. Usually, I would have tossed the DVD aside, but this time I took the time to watch. Hey, when you’re spending this kind of money you want to know everything it can do.

The DVD is broken down into four mini-tutorials - straightening, curls, waves and creating volume.

I was most interested in creating volume, because my big problem with flat ironing is it leaves my hair well, flat.

So let me break down why I’m singing the praises of the Sedu:

- Heats up quickly.
- Adjustable temperature setting.
- The smooth plates practically glide through my hair.
- No dried out, frizzy ends.
- Reduced my usual flat iron time to less than 15 minutes.
- I don’t have to use tons of products, just a dab of thermal protectant.
- Seems to be gentler on my relaxed, color treated mane.

In summary, the Sedu is the closest I’ve come to getting near salon results at home. With this awesome iron, I am able to recreate a lot of the volume, bounce and even the shine I usually have to rely on a stylist to achieve.

I ordered my Sedu with one-inch plates from for $139.95. It also available in hot pink, which I wanted but was too cheap to kick out the additional ten bucks.

* FYI – I’ve been growing out the short cut in my profile pic, so I have more hair.


  1. Something better than the Chi? Must be special because I have a love affair with my Chi.

  2. ohhhh how do you get volume? i have the same problem

  3. I think my flat iron died this morning. At least that's the excuse I'm giving for this bad hair day!

  4. It's so pricey but I'm a flat iron addict. I have Gold N' Hot, Sally's GVP, and Corioliss. Sedu and GHD are on my list.

  5. I've heard great things about Sedu, but I went out on a limb and bought the new FHI Runway. It's truly an amazing flat iron.

  6. I feel like an addict in a crack house! I have given up heat on my hair due to after 40 fragility issues. Abstinence has worked wonders, but thanks to your note, I'm now fighting the urge to run upstairs and plug in my old flat irons just for the smell. Someday some occasion will lure me back. And I'll know just where to log on, click and buy!

  7. This is pretty tempting!!!!
    I'm glad this iron is working for you.

  8. Thanks! I'm looking for a new flatiron. Have you tried GHD?

  9. I stopped relaxing 8 years ago and have never flat ironed. Afraid it'll make my fine hair look as thin and flat as the relaxer did at the end there.

    You make it sound very tempting, though. Except for the price. That is not tempting at all!

  10. At least you resisted the $10 pink.

  11. Great post. I do have a flat iron I was not impressed so I just used a hot comb (old skool I know). Would like to try this.


  12. I'm all for spending a little extra for quality. This sounds like the perfect addition to my carry on bag!

  13. Hello. My friend gave me 2 awards, and I am passing them on to you! Check my blog for info.

  14. It sounds great! thanks for the recommendation post :)

  15. I have a Sedu! Now I wish I watched the video though! I've had the Chi, but never the Fhi. :-)
    Flat irons have REALLY improved my life. They're one of the little things I'm thankful for every day.

  16. PBW--Thanks for all your love these days...I needed a boost. I am so glad you are still there! Hoorah!

    I ordered new eyeglasses (for driving and movies) from Nicole Miller, and get this, they are sheer white frames! How weird, huh? But they look good on my coloring and they are sort of opalescent so they smudge out lines on my face! HAH! I am excited to have my first pair of hip eyeglasses for day use.

    I just use a ceramic flatiron from Revlon. I don't need it soooo flat, so I just sort of grab a lot of hair with it and go through it all just to smooth it.

    How are your books going?

  17. I've been hearing alot about this! thanks for the review!

  18. Did you think about searching on Ebay first? They got one for $46 dollars with only 9 hours left for bidding and free shipping. Probably won't go higher than $70 dollars.

  19. Mini got the turbo curling iron from the t.v. informercial...the one where the barrel turns while flatening the worked fine but when she went to bed and woke, that hair was jacked up...we sent it back...too bad...