This Is Me On Deadline

Actually, it's a clock I bought last summer in NYC. But it's pretty close to what I look like when I'm writing.

Have a fun April Fool's Day, and watch out for pranksters!


  1. Unique looking clock. Although it would be impossible for me to just glance and tell the exact time. LOL! But I am sure you didn't buy it to tell time.

    Deadlines are something serious.

    Good luck, PB.

  2. Are you on deadline now? Good luck with the book. I always look like that before I down my first cup in the morning.

  3. Thanks for stopping by guys!

    @Don - LOL! It's so cute, I forgot it was a clock too!

    @Chelle - It looks like me begging for coffee all day long. Love your new glasses!

    I just proofed the galleys for Operation Prince Charming, so I'm done. It comes out in August.

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  5. fab buy! i can't wait to feel all cozy and decorative in a house of my own. soon!