I Only Spent $2 at Target – For Real!

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Also, don’t bother checking my temperature or giving me a lie detector test. I’m not ill, and I’m not lying.

I indeed went to Target, pushed a red cart all over the store and only came out with $2 worth of merchandise.

Here’s what I got (from the cheap trinkets section in the front of the store, can’t remember what it’s called????):

Cool, huh? And perfect for those of us who were raise to share - but have kinda forgotten how.


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  2. Very cute but tell the truth... You only had 2.oo with you right and forgot you credit cards. LOL.

  3. Nice accessories. Out of all the things tucked away in our kitchen cabinets, surprisingly, we don't own any popcorn containers.

    You have the real deal.

  4. @Kwana - LOL! I was trying soooo HARD to spend. It was like they hid all the goodies when they saw me coming!

    @Don - We have a Titans popcorn bowl, but I like these better cause we don't have to share.