Product Review: DERMAdoctor Body Guard SPF 30 Sunscreen

I’m a big girl, so I know the first rule of summer.

Use plenty of sunscreen.

But for me following this edict hasn’t been as easy as picking up a tube from my local drugstore and slathering it on. They’re either too greasy, cause breakouts or worst of all leave me covered in chalky residue.

This year, I bypassed my drug and discount store haunts and headed to Sephora. I explained my concerns to a SA, who marched me right over to the DERMAdoctor display and handed me a tube of their Body Guard SPF 30 sunscreen for face and body.

I glanced at the $25 price tag and started to place it right back on the shelf. Then she squirted a dollop of the stuff on my arm and rubbed it in.

The light cream immediately vanished into my skin without leaving a telltale coat of oil or white-tinged residue. EUREKA!

Body Guard’s oil-free, sheer formula offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, along with free-radical fighting anti-oxidants. I use it on both face and body with no hint of the clogged pours or breakouts I’ve experience with other brands.

Also, the 4-ounce bottle lasts a surprisingly long time.

For me, it’s worth the more-than-I-want-to-pay-for-sunscreen price tag.

So what products are you using to protect your skin from the sun this summer?


  1. That sounds great. I may have to splurge.

  2. I once bought a high factor sunscreen, slapped it on at the beach and it wasn't until I got back in the evening that I realised I was still caked in white cream ( I looked like I was wearing a face mask!) Suffice to say I didn't use it again. Now I like to use Dermalogica or Avene suncreams.

  3. I like when Don introduces us to different bloggers. I always come check them out. I needed a sunscreen, so thank you,

  4. I can pretty much name the three lotions I have used since forever - Palmer's, Nadinola, Vaseline Intensive Care w/ aloe vera.

    If neither screens out the sun then I am out of luck.