My New Favorite Jeans

I’ve never stepped into a J. Jill store before this weekend. Honestly, the color palette of their clothes is a bit drab for my taste.

But after coming up empty at J. Crew, Ann Taylor Loft and Nordie’s shoe department, I took a peek inside to kill time while the hubs was in the Apple store.

I tried on these jeans and fell in love.

They flatter my curves and have the boyfriend jean look without the saggy, sloppiness.

The $89 price tag made wince. Yeah, I know. I have no problem with forking that over that and more at Sephora, but jeans are something I tend to buy from Target or Walmart for no more than $20. <- Hey, you have to scrimp on something.

Anyhoo, I’m wearing them today without a smidgen of buyer’s remorse. And thanks to the dh, I’m also in gadget heaven with a new iPad.

The jeans are also available online.

So what are your favorite jeans?


  1. I have a pair of Lands End relaxed fit jeans that are so ancient and comfy they're getting holes in the seat. And earlier this year I bought a pair of Old Navy distressed boyfriend jeans for when I don't want to wear my beloved 'mom' jeans.

    Now, JJill. :) :) :) My sister has the same opinion of them that you do, only she says 'boring'. What you call drab I call muted. They're my absolute favorite online source for elegant casuals: I have a collection of their shelf-bra tanks that I layer with everything; three linen shirts (and I'm champing at the bit to buy one of their current stock in the the sorbet color); soft cotton shorts; my favorite skirt (long, gored, cotton, in tan); even a few pieces of their unique jewelry (my fave is an earring with a grey pearl and a chunk of pewter with leaves etched on it that I've had for seven years and counting...)

    I'll stop. Did I mention that I love JJill? Their prices have gotten kinda ridiculous but I wait until the season is ending and get great discounts.

    Nice ipad, btw, but I'm not even tempted. :-/

  2. I have three Land's End cardigans and their quality is amazing!

    I like the silhouette and soft fabrics of J. Jill's clothes, but would it kill them to throw in a cherry red, neon orange or lime green color option????

    Almost bought this shirt in lilac:

    Honestly, I avoided the Apple store so I wouldn't be tempted, but I'm glad he got the iPad.

  3. LOVE THEM TO SHREDS. Phyl, I have a pair of boyfriend jeans, too--absolutely adorable AND comfortable. And, as you know, a beloved pair of jeans go a looooong way!

  4. You are so right, Con. I love these so much, I ended up buying a second pair in a faded denim.

  5. Ha! I prefer faded to all other shades!

    You're right about the cherry red and lime. I've often wished for a slightly more adventurous palette when I see stuff that I like. White, ivory, grey and blue? But I've got enough of those already!

    I gave in and bought the sorbet linen shirt. Saw the lilac shirt too - and they've got it in tall. Don't tempt me! :)