Traveling Pretty: Clarisonic Mia

I jumped on the Clarisonic face brush bandwagon early. (Click here for my review)

Two years later, I’m hooked on the professional facial results it delivers in merely 60 seconds.

Last week, I picked up the smaller Mia (with a much smaller charger) for travel.

I tossed the Mia into my carry-on and was able to keep the Clarisonic glamour going during my Labor Day weekender.

*NOTE – The travel case did NOT come with the Mia.

Now I’m in the market for a good facial cleanser. Help me out! What’s your favorite facial cleanser?


  1. Hey PB
    I love my clarisonic. I like the idea of having the mia just for traveling. I think I want to upgrade from my two speed to the three speed....maybe

  2. Hiya PJD! Initially, I thought a Mia for travel was frivolous. Then I tried to get my carry on through security (for a longer trip). The cradle for the larger one baffled the folks at the x-ray machine and got my bag searched twice.

  3. We are so happy to hear that your Mia made it back safely from it's first trip. We are glad that we could come along for the ride. If you are looking for a good cleanser suggestion we recommend you check out our blog post: there are some great suggestions on there. We hope this helps you out. Thanks again for being an awesome fan. Happy Cleansing!

  4. My favorite cleanser is the Neutrogena Gentle One step. It removes dirt and makeup effortlessly.