Never Say Never

Uggs are ugly boots.

For the last few winter seasons, I’ve turned my nose up at ‘em and vowed to never, ever wear them.

Sigh. Icy temps and cold feet have spurred an unfashionable reversal of my decision.

Dangit, y’all! I don’t live down south to wake up to 16-degree temps, but I digress...

Last night I bought a pair of Ugg Bailey Button boots in black.

Once I stuck my size 8’s inside of those oh-so-warm boots, I instantly understood why otherwise chic women clomped around in them looking like Clydesdale horses.

My mom is the queen of putting on hideous clothes and saying, “I don’t care what you think, they’re warm.” (She’s cuter than me and can get away with it.)

But please tell me I’m not turning into her!

Soooo, has Mother Nature made you do some ugly things this winter?

Wearing clothes you thought you’d never be caught dead in?

Or maybe you think Uggs are cute?

Click the comment button and tell me all about it!


  1. LOL! We just had our first real snow and what did I pull out my size 11 make me look like Frankenstein black sweater Uggs. They are so toasty warm that I don't even care. They're also a bit old now so I kinda want a new pair. I resisted a while too but once your feet are cold and you try a pair they get you.

  2. uggs are never cute but i broke down and bought some last year and im super glad that i did. i hope i didnt ruin them in chicago this weekend when i stepped in a puddle.

  3. And I thought I'd be the only one who thought they were ugly!

    @Kwana - LOL! Mine look like Frankenstein boots too! Perfect description!

    @Antithesis - What color are yours? Chicago's my hometown. I hope it did your right.

  4. They are not at all cute, but I was thisclose to buying some today. 7 degree wind chill will make something warm look a whole lot cuter! I have some knock offs I use as house shoes and for the occasional errand. They are warm. I figure the real thing will be warmer and sturdier if not cuter.

  5. Camille,

    I have a feeling before this winter is over, you too, will give in and buy these ugly boots!

  6. Well, hate to tell you, cute or not, Miss Em has a pair. Yep. Cold wins out over fashion every time.

  7. I've noticed alot of women here in the South are wearing Ugg boots. I mean, alot. I cannot really say they are ugly because they look decent to myself.

    And, yes, they definitely appear to keep a woman's feet very, very warm.