A Little Pick Me Up

After coming up with zilch on my latest Sephora and J. Crew run, I spotted these earrings at the Hallmark store.

Just a pick-me-up to tide me over until it's time break out the spring clothes.

Soooo, what little item have you bought to help you get thru the final weeks of this dreary winter????


  1. WOW i didn't know hallmark sold jewelry. makes sense tho. covergirl gloss balm sticks have struck my fancy ;)

  2. @yummy411 I had no idea they had jewelry either!!! Cute stuff, too!

    I also picked up a cool jewelry case that I'll do a post on soon.

  3. I bought this pretty necklace http://applediva.com/Talbots_Bauble_bib_necklace_neutral.jpg for $10!!!

  4. @pumpsandgloss - that necklace is so fricking cute! I love Talbots, so I'm wondering how I missed it! And for $10.