Diet Food and Weight Watchers Update

Like any other chronic dieter (who doesn’t like to cook), I often find myself at the freezer case of the grocery store looking at frozen diet meals.

They always look so delicious. Ha! Well, the photos on the boxes look delicious.

Usually, what I pull out of the microwave looks nothing like the photo and tastes like hot slop.

But I finally lucked out with Healthy Choice’s Asian Potstickers.

Box photo
Real life rendition
While it might not be an exact match, it’s pretty tasty. I round out the meal with a side of sugar snap peas and an orange. Good eating!


(as a Lifetimer I weigh in monthly): Down 1.8 pounds. Doesn’t sound like much, but I’m just glad the scale is moving in the right direction.


  1. Thanks for the tip and good for you!

  2. LOL! Phyl, it's funny, but it RARELY looks like the picture. I love these quickies, too. They're good and light for lunch. Like you, I'll have a little something to round it out (a small low-fat yogurt or a banana). Recently, I had Lean Cuisine's Grilled Chicken Caesar and the Orange Chicken. BOTH were amazing, so toss those in your cart, too! And congrats on the loss!!