Hell No! The Mustache Must Go!

Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit.

I’ve never grown a full-blown mustache, but just a hint of unsightly fuzz on the upper lip can make a girl feel like she’s a candidate for a barbershop quartet.

An appointment with an aesthetician isn’t always practical – especially if you only noticed the fuzz an hour before a big event where you need bring your ‘A’ game.

And honestly, a lot of those drug store strips just don’t work.

A few nights ago I gave Olay Smooth Finish Hair Removal Duo a try.

Sigh. I didn’t have high hopes, thinking it would be as unremarkable as most drug store products I’ve tried in the past.

The box contains two tubes: one is a skin guarding balm and the other is the hair removal cream. First, smooth the balm over your upper lip and rub it in for a few seconds. Next comes the removal cream, which I left on for eight minutes.


Next I removed the cream with a cotton pad, rinsed and dried the area.

No obnoxious smell.

No pain.

No redness.

No irritation.

And most of all, no more fuzz!

While I’ll continue to keep my regular appointments with the waxer, I’ll also definitely keep a box of this Olay product on hand!


  1. Yikes. Really? No awful smell? No irritation?

    *flies out of the house like a bat out of hell headed for the drug store...*

    1. No bad smell. No redness or irritation. I prefer having it waxed, but this is great in a pinch when I can't get to the salon.

  2. My upper lip has always been clear...not so for my chin! I use a battery operated eyebrow shaper on it to keep it smooth.

  3. I haven't seen any on my chin yet, but it's probably coming. The hair on my head is thinning, but I have no problems growing it on my face.