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Only one man can satisfy her craving... 

No one dumps Brandi Collins! After being left at the altar, the Nashville high school teacher plans to get back at her ex by undergoing a major transformation. But how is she supposed  to shed those extra pounds with that intoxicating aroma wafting into her condo? And the tempting smell of mouthwatering chocolate has nothing on the handsome hunk who's creating the irresistible confections. 

Adam Ellison has given up everything for his dream of winning the International Chocolate Pastry Competition. His voluptuous  new neighbor knocking on his door at three in the morning is  a distraction he doesn't need! Now only one thing will satisfy Adam's craving for Brandi. But what happens when she discovers her struggling pastry chef is really the heir to a multimillion-dollar corporate empire? Will Brandi still be there intoxicating him with  her kisses...or will Adam lose his chance for a lifetime of love?

Taste for Temptation is now available for pre-order at:

So what do y'all find more mouthwatering - the bare chest or the cake?


  1. both, preferably the second on top of the first ;-)

  2. All my single friends see the man first. The married ones only see cake!

    Again, thanks so much for the BEAUTIFUL new blog! Everyone LOVES it!!!!

  3. I'm an old married woman (17 years) but I say, the CHEST! It's pretty much perfect. Plus, it's undeniably sexy having that little slice of hip bone showing! Great cover!