My Summer in Pictures (and a few words)

This summer I had a book due. So I spent the majority of my days:

Wearing this
Sitting here
Drinking way too much coffee
Eating way too many of these

Well, I’m off deadline – for now. So I’m off to catch up on all my favorite books, movies
and tv shows. And yes, eat more Doritos tacos.

So what did you do this summer?


  1. Yay! Off deadline! Look out, stores...

    We don't have summers here, just the dry season, when it's hot, and the rainy season, when it's still hot. Lots of rain right now, so lots of time indoors looking through online catalogues - oops, I mean working.

    All of which is my way of saying my summer has been uneventful, except for the two pristine days my baby granddaughter spends with me each week. My latest discovery? No, not linen skirts from JJill. These:
    Muslin baby blankies, perfect for the tropics!

    1. A baby granddaughter! How wonderful! Congratulations, Nana!

      And that blanket is so pretty!!!!!

  2. Love the website, the photos but MOSTLY I LOVE THE COVERS. It's so good to have you writing and publishing again!

    Jane Myers Perrine

    1. Thanks so much, Jane! I miss you! Will you be at RWA '13 in Atlanta????

  3. I'm loving your splashy website! I know how hard you worked this summer, so congrats! My hubby loves those Doritos tacos! I haven't tried them, but he ate his fair share of them this summer.

    1. Ha! I LOVE DORITOS TACOS!!!!!

      My hubby won't eat 'em. So it looks like me and your hubby have to go out to dinner. I'm thinking we'll have to order at least 10 each.