Trash Talking

Loreal Cosmetics sure knows how to talk the big talk.

The bright yellow package of their new Loreal Voluminous Naturale mascara says it’ll give lashes natural-looking volume and perfect definition. Flip it over and it goes on to claim the mascara is smudgeproof and flakeproof.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Loreal takes beauty-boasting to a whole new level by boldly proclaiming this $7.50 mascara to be 100% clump free.

Now Loreal, there’s nothing wrong with a little trash-talking, but you’d better bring an A-game mascara.

Me? I’m giving this one an A-plus! Two coats lifted and separated my lashes and helped them hold their curl all day. No smudges, no flakes and no clumps.

Keep in mind, my goal is a natural look with a bit of oomph. Super thickening and lengthening mascaras that make a twentysomething look fabulous (uh, that would be a REAL twentysomething, not a forty-is-the-new-20something), make me look like I’m trying too hard.

The only thing I didn’t like about this mascara was the flimsy, flexible wand, but I like the product so much I can deal with it.

Loreal Voluminous Naturale mascara can be found at just about any grocery, drug or discount store.

P.S. You may have noticed Fortyisthenew20 got a makeover! If you're wondering what the book and hearts have to do with beauty, the answer is absolutely nothing. I just wanted the blog to coordinate with my revamped author website which should debut sometime next month.


  1. I see your makeover and I LOVE it, the site is super cute. When I get a moment this summer I have to get a banner also, thanks for the motivation. Before I get to your new mascara you look FABULOUS in your picture.
    OK thanks for the nod of this mascara. I think i am pretty good with that Maybelline colassal but this looks neat too.
    Product Junkie Diva

  2. love the new layout. congrats on finding a mascara that works for you.

  3. oh I love your blog and the wording (40 is so 20) because of my age I still look high school and I am tipping

  4. Great photo! The site is cute without being cutesy.

    Mascara and foundation are the two products a woman is most loyal to. But...I might have to check this out.

  5. Ohmiiiigoodness, I love your new photo. You are absolutely beautiful! I love Voluminous but haven't tried the Naturale yet. That flimsy wand may throw me off too but it sounds like it is definitely worth a try. Looove the new look!

  6. I love the look, I'm a big fan of pink!

    I don't wear mascara, my lashs are super long and everytime I've used the stuff my lashs nearly touch my brows.

    Can't wait for the book...

  7. I haven't tried that type of Voluminous. How's it do for smudging and how hard is it to remove at the end of the day?

  8. I love your new look and your photo is so cute. You look about 16!

    Thanks for the mascara review. I'll have to give it a try.

  9. I love the makeover. It looks amazing, and the pic of you is fab. You are so beatiful. I'll have to try the mascara!

  10. Loreal has the BEST mascaras EVER! Try the Loreal Clean Definition Telescopic if you get a chance. Covergirl lashblast is also very nice!

  11. like the new digs...and i am so addicted to guys (many bloggers) keep recommending them! but i really believe you can never have too many!

  12. woo hoo! the mascara got a positive review from you! i might have to pick this up just because i'm a loreal voluminous fan!

  13. You are beautiful - always have been. But you get more beautiful all the time.

    Don't know if it has to do with the mascara - but I'll try most things you recommend.

    Your new book cover is gorgeous too BTW>

  14. I LOVE your new look! Totally fabulous!!!

    I need to try that mascara!

  15. AHHHHHH!!! you just took $8 from my and mascara is deadly. All I need is ONE GREAT review and I'll run and go get it!


  16. 40 is the new 20 and you look gorgeous! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I love your blog also. I will definitely check out some of your books!


  17. I'm going to have to pick up a Voluminous mascara. Really, I'm not sure why I haven't yet...I've heard everyone from Billy B to everyday beauties rave about this mascara. Great post. I love the new look.

    Teneasha (VB)

  18. Thanks all for site redesign and photo comments!

    Wow! It's good to know I'm not alone. Everybody's on the lookout for a great mascara.

    I'm inclined to agree with PCD, you simply can't have enough of 'em.

    I bought two new ones tonight. Will review them soon.

  19. Okay, I just looooove L'Oreal Paris' Double Extend mascara. Yeah, there's a primer step, but I'm sure as hell worth the extra 2 minutes at age 44!

  20. Cool...I just bought some of this stuff for Target. My belief, "a lady can never have enough mascara supply."